Manufacturer of outdoor, industrial and commercial LED luminaires.

PBLC Nordic is the lighting branch of the Estonian company Pedrobeat AS founded in 1994.

In 2011 Pedrobeat started its lighting division and became a distributor of outdoor and industrial lighting in the Northern European market. Pedrobeat started its own EU-based assembly unit to increase competitiveness and localisation in 2017.

PBLC Nordic became a manufacturer in 2019.

PBLC Nordic products are solution-based and developed to be competitive in the highly demanding lighting markets of Scandinavia and Baltics. With offices in Sweden, Estonia and the manufacturing unit in Latvia, PBLC Nordic provides a strong portfolio of products for outdoor, industrial and commercial use.

Since 2014 Pedrobeat has operated in Sweden under one of the market’s leading brands. Through PBLC Nordic sales and support service our team has helped design and manage numerous lighting projects in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and other countries.

PBLC Nordic aims to expand globally and regionally, drawing on the knowledge and experience gained in Northern European markets.

For partnership, product, and service references, please contact PBLC Nordic direct.